Faculty Development Program

GITAM Institute of Management

About the FDP

The main purpose of doing impactful research is not only to prove or disprove a theory as well as develop or contribute to knowledge in the field, but also to create bigger impact by contextualizing the findings in the wider policies and practices of the society. Hence many universities and higher education institutes apply for grants and funding from governments and businesses to enable impactful research. While publishing in premier journals is very important as their subscription and reach is high, creating an impact story is also gaining importance and credibility. Hence this course is designed:

Day 1 - to provide hands on experience in writing research proposals for funded projects as well as publishing in premier journals.

Day 2 - to provide knowledge on understanding philosophy and designing research elements as well as on theoretical integration.

Program Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Write successful research proposals
  • Understand the philosophy to drive their research
  • Implement systematic literature review for developing conceptual models
  • Evaluate the research design and its elements
  • Create theory and knowledge
  • Write to premier journals

Program Content

Day 1

Session 1 - Understanding impactful research

Session 2 - Writing winning research proposals

Session 3 - Doing systematic literature review

Session 4 - Philosophical drive in research

Day 2

Session 5 - Evaluating research design and its elements

Session 6 - Building theory

Session 7 - Publishing in premier journals

Session 8 - Evaluating the research proposals / draft papers of the participants